Captain, to build a better world, sometimes means turning the old one down.

take to the skies


I only have 2 more final exams left. Last one is on April 22.

You don’t have to protect me. I’m not afraid. Please don’t shut me out again.


Tom Hiddleston using his hand to block out one of the stage lights because he can’t see the person asking the question.

This is probably going to get quoted in every publication just because I said it. And I’m not even saying anything. I’m not talking about my films, I’m not talking about my life, and I’m not talking about the world. And yet, the media will print it simply because I said it. And at this moment in time, I bet there is an artist around the corner of this hotel, on the street, with a mind far beyond ours, but we will never listen to him simply because he has not appeared in a movie. And that is what is fucked up about our culture.